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The #SpeakingOut movement won’t be covered here because it seems gross to rank it amongst some old-timer whinging about an Orihara moonsault, or the various other abysmal takes Wrestling Twitter tends to pile onto when they doom scroll through so much asinine bullsh*t to get to a half-decent meme.

It feels off to even catalogue it in the past tense as something that happened.

Professional wrestling as an industry hasn’t implemented (or made public) any meaningful safeguards to prevent further recurrences nor remove abuse from the root. If anything, many of those credibly implicated – already – are attempting to either ooze their way back in or absolve themselves, or, for f*ck’s sake, were never in any real danger of losing their spot.

Besides which, were any of the tweets bravely posted by the victims remotely controversial?

If the movement divided public opinion, it neatly bisected the community into the disgusted and the compassionate, and, on the other side, the “Evidence!” mutants. CTRL+F certain Reddit threads, and you will find multiple instances of that word in some, and absolutely zero in response to gossipy backstage reports none of the posters were there to validate.

But the bullsh*t that seems life-affirming, but really is the precise opposite?

Let’s ……….dive in.


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