10 Strangest Times Wrestlers Turned Up In Character Outside Of Wrestling – WhatCulture

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To generate more interest in their products from larger outside audiences, professional wrestling companies often send out their top performers to make an impression on mainstream television shows and at popular events. From signings to spots on network broadcasts, pro-wrestlers are far from strangers to the bright media spectrum outside of the squared circle.

When wrestlers show up in full character, they have the chance to reap all the rewards of additional exposure. However, they also tread the risk of damaging their in-ring personas beyond repair and even blemishing their employer’s image.

Whereas seeing performers maintain their gimmicks outside of the ring isn’t a complete rarity, how the superstars are utilized during their appearances is questionable more often than not.

Every once in a while, you will see a superstar hit a home run outside the ring while keeping kayfabe, pleasing their promoters by generating a buzz. Unfortunately, most of these appearances fall short of any ideal goal and leave onlookers to wonder what in the world is happening before their eyes. Or worse, the spectators are completely unaware of what is being promoted altogether.


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