10 Wrestlers Who Appeared In Recent TV Shows You Probably Missed – WhatCulture

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There’s nothing more surreal than seeing your favorite wrestler suddenly pop up in a sitcom or drama. But it happens all the time.

Wrestler cameos demolish the wall between professional wrestling and network television, transporting a superstar to an intriguing new setting. These fleeting appearances can be a trial run for a long-term career on the small screen, a branded crossover, or a simple Easter egg for the wrestling nerds in the audience. Whatever the reason, it makes you spring to attention in a “wait a minute” moment that will send wrestling fans sprint to iMDb for confirmation.

There are the classic examples that always get talked about: Vader in Boy Meets World, The Rock in That ’70s Show, Mankind in 30 Rock. These roles stick in our minds for how casually these larger-than-life personalities made their way into our favorite shows. Luckily, wrestler crossovers don’t end there.

In the past few years, we’ve seen more and more familiar names of the ring show up on the small screen. Here are 10 of the most recent examples of your favorite wrestlers popping up on TV that you might’ve missed.


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