10 WWE Stars Who Are Absolutely RIPPED Right Now – WhatCulture

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Perhaps the biggest part of every wrestler’s gimmick is their look. From the ground up, a fan’s impression – whether they’ve been watching for years or are tuning in for the first time – all stems from their appearance, not just the clothes they wear or the design on their tights, but even down to their physical attributes.

WWE have come a long way from the stance of ‘you must have at least an 8-pack before you can look Vince McMahon in the eyes’ and allow (for the most part) superstars of all shapes and sizes to vie for the company’s top spots.

But given the kind of athleticism required to be a professional wrestler, it comes as no surprise to switch on and see more muscles than a Newquay beach. Some performers even go beyond the basic bod that comes from strength and conditioning to really buff up, whether it’s from an appreciation of bodybuilding, to enhance their character, a change of diet, or to revitalise their gimmick after a prolonged absence.

Whatever the case, the WWE’s wide array of talent includes more than a fair share of rippling abs, vascular biceps and delts that could sub-in for your ma’s kitchen shelf, to really emphasize that these men and woman truly are real-life superheroes.

Get your cold showers ready.


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