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Shayna Baszler

Raw has officially reached the point where when it does the
most basic thing correctly, fans get excited simply because they managed to not
screw something up. We’re now grading on a severe curve where “not doing the dumbest
thing possible” is a plus.

But that doesn’t mean that Raw was good, or much more than “barely
watchable,” on Monday night. The program continues its bottomless death spiral, with
one MMA fighter zippering his mouth closed and locking it with a key, and
another feuding with a grotesque doll. The company cut a bunch of talented wrestlers
and is bringing back Eva Marie as an unironic babyface.

The writers continue to find new ways to cut Rhea Ripley’s
knees out from under her, despite giving her a rocket push and pitting her
against Raw’s top two female talents. What should have been a no-brainer to
make a new star has turned into an absolute nightmare (pun intended).

They’re trying to book two goofs as babyface challengers for
the United States Championship, but instead, they looked like geeks incapable of
doing anything productive. But then, they begin a babyface push for a war
veteran who has basically been accused of having PTSD.

They pinned the Raw Women’s Champion and closed Raw with a “Chucky”
horror movie rip-off. But hey, the fans will be back in a month. Bet they can’t
wait to see all of this in person!

Errrr… Well, let’s get to it…


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8th Jun 2021


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