Amanda Holden: BGT judge receives Ofcom complaint from Piers Morgan over nipple dress – Express

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Amanda headed to hospital for an annual mammogram to get her boobs checked for early signs of breast cancer.

Once the actress gave her Heart FM listeners a commentary of the quick and painless procedure, she took to Instagram to share her experience with her 1.6 million followers in a video.

She penned: “My mammogram #breastcancerawareness. My boobs always seem to be in the headlines for silly reasons so I hope that changes today as I document my own mammogram with @thisisheart to highlight that 1 in 8 of us women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during our lifetime.”

Amanda went on to say: “We’re all different shapes and sizes and experience things differently but for me, the check-up was quick and easy and potentially saved my life.”

The star confessed she was nervous beforehand but urged others to follow in her footsteps to remove the stigma.


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