BBC presenter caught wearing shorts under desk on hottest day of year – Evening Standard

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BBC presenter was caught wearing shorts and deck shoes under his desk on the hottest day of the year so far.

Newsreader Shaun Ley, 51, was caught by a keen-eyed viewer, who spotted his bare legs in a split-second side view, on Wednesday evening.

The late-night reporter had been reporting on the updated Covid-19 travel rules and Israel’s current political turmoil.

Guests reviewing the newspapers appeared to be holding back laughter when they turned to him to discuss the news, reported the Sun.

The “hilarious” incident came as temperatures in London, peaked at 28.3C after days of clear skies and average temperatures of 20C.

Justyna Tosun, 34, told the Sun that she “roared with laughter” when she first saw him.

“He’d been reading all this gloomy news when I realised he had no trousers on.

“It was hilarious because he looked like a bank manager from the waist up — and a holidaymaker from the waist down,” she added.

Some have taken to Twitter to blast the presenter while others said they would have done the same thing.

One man said: “I watched this and thought it strange for news presenter Shaun Ley to wear this but there’s always a first time for everything. I can see Sangita in shorts and deck shoes when she is out news reporting when the weather is very warm.”

While another user joked that BBC’s clothing allowance had “clearly taken a hit.”


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