Coronavirus latest news: Andrew Lloyd Webber must abide by rules, says minister as he warns of cautious approach to June 21 –

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Asked if the June 21 reopening should proceed, Dr David Nabarro, Special Envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organisation, said: “Life has to go on and the last thing any of us want is to have people needing to go on restricting their lives but this virus has not gone away.

“And in some ways it’s lurking and just waiting to strike again.

“I want to suggest to everybody, please be really really careful – by all means, governments should be releasing restrictions but it’s really up to people everywhere to organise their lives to minimise the amount of contact they have with others, and to wear their face masks and just keep that protection going.”

He added: “It can’t be just about restrictions – the future for humanity is going to require that we adapt our lifestyles so that we make it hard for this virus to spread.

“We know that the virus is constantly changing, which means that although vaccination is a marvellous marvellous asset, it’s not going to be enough.

“We are going to have to continue to behave as though the virus is an ever present threat.

“So by all means, let the restrictions be released, but at the same time could I encourage everybody, everywhere to go on behaving carefully.

“At school, at the university, in the pub, in the restaurant, in the social club, the virus is still going to be around and it can come back with a huge surge, very, very quickly.”


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