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A spectacular opening ceremony will take place on Saturday June 5 to welcome the world to Coventry as the UK City of Culture.

Coventry’s year of culture officially began on May 15, but Coventry Moves is the signature event that will launch this crucial year.

Coventry Moves was meant to be a mass gathering, but due to coronavirus restrictions, had to be shifted to an online and neighbourhood focused event.

Instead, the City of Culture Trust will deliver an incredible day’s worth of activity from dawn through to 20:21 that can be enjoyed online, on your timeline or through broadcast.

It will culminate in a special moment where the whole city can come together and play a crucial part in the spectacular end to the event.

There is a lot for city residents to get involved with, and you can do this through the 2021 website and by tuning into local radio stations.

A rundown of Coventry Moves is in the video at the top of this article.

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What is Coventry Moves and how can I join in?

Here is an all you need to know guide for Coventry Moves so you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event.

Coventry Moves will start at 8am and is scheduled to run at intervals throughout the day.

It is being created for people in Coventry, Warwickshire and across the UK to experience from home – online, on their radio or on their social media feeds.

The city’s past, present and future is highlighted by six energies played by well-known people from Coventry.

The stories will be told through a series of films throughout the day that will also include the legend of Lady Godiva, with 14 modern day Godivas taking place in Saturday’s event.

Schedule for Coventry Moves

8am: ‘A Single Voice’ live stream

Pauline Black, one of the chosen ‘energies’ celebrates our hidden river with a song written specifically for Coventry Moves in a magical moment that starts our journey as UK City of Culture.

Coventry Moves: Sustainability – Pauline Black . Pauline Black is the lead singer of acclaimed Two Tone band The Selecter.
(Image: Joe Bailey at FiveSixPhotography)

8:30am: ‘The River Run’ short film

Five Friends, the ‘River Runners’, trace the path of the hidden river which runs under Coventry. Exploring through Parkour, BMX Biking and Dance.

9.30am: ‘Sustainability’ short film

An introduction to the city’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and protecting our environment. The story behind the name of Coventry, Cofa’s Tree, will be explored as we look to the future and the impact we can have across the world.

10.30am: ‘People Power’ short film

Focusing on the personal stories of individuals and communities who have travelled from across the world to build Coventry.

Coventry Moves: John Bernard
(Image: Joe Bailey at FiveSixPhotography)

11:00am: ‘Powered by People’ short film

We meet Navin Kundra, one of the chosen ‘energies’, who will bring the streets alive in a whirl of music and dance celebrating our car manufacturing history and the people who made Coventry.

He will be joined by city residents and some well-known faces.


Watch: Coventry Moves together

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1:30pm: ‘Innovation’ short film

Meet some of the people who inspired the stories of Coventry Moves, with a focus on the theme of innovation.

2:00pm: ‘Innovation’ live stream

The energy of innovation, Daniel Lismore, guides us as the spokes turn and we’re off again. Coventry created the bicycle and we’ll celebrate the city’s innovation from past, present and future with extravagant custom trikes.

Coventry Moves: Daniel Lismore is a London and Coventry based artist. He is the ‘innovation’ energy
(Image: Joe Bailey at FiveSixPhotography)


6:00pm: ‘Resilience’ short film

Coventry Moves: Kare Adenegan is the ‘resilience’ energy
(Image: Joe Bailey at FiveSixPhotography)

Meet some of the people who inspired the stories of Coventry Moves, focusing on the theme of resilience, before we meet the resilience energy, Kare Adenegan.

6:30pm: ‘Social justice’ short film

Meet some of the 14 Godivas, who share what being a Godiva means to them.

7:00pm: ‘Rising up’ live stream

We’re introduced to the energy of Social Justice, Sue Bent, as 14 powerful modern day Godivas arrive at their destination having ridden on horseback from across the city.

The day will culminate at 20:21 with Coventry Moves Together with a piece of music composed by Dan Jones. The whole city will form an orchestra simply by switching on radios or web-based devices and tuning into one of several local or community radio stations: BBC CWR, HillzFM, RadioPanj, Radio Plus VannyRadio, Fresh Radio, Arawak, Block Radio and Radio Abbey.

We are joined once more by the River Runners and Pauline Black to see that something has grown from the concrete, here to be discovered as we look to the future.

A gift from Coventry’s schoolchildren will appear with an incredible AR experience ready to be enjoyed in person over the coming weeks in Coventry.

As the tree starts to pulse, vibrating with energy, the sounds of children’s voices are heard in the canopy above ushering in the future, moving us into towards the end of our journey.

20:21 pm: The day will culminate at 20:21 with Coventry Moves Together with a piece of music composed by Dan Jones. The whole city will form an orchestra – simply by switching on radios or web-based devices and tuning into one of several local or community radio stations taking part.

The track has been split into multiple streams and will come together as a full piece of music when radio stations can be heard at the same time.

How to get involved

Residents are being asked to head out to their doorsteps, into their gardens or on their balconies and tune into different streams so that the whole city can hear the full, eight-minute piece.

It is being broadcast via BBC CWR, Hillz FM, Radio Panj, Radio Plus, Vanny Radio, Fresh Radio, Arawak, Block Radio and Radio Abbey to create a world first moment – a city-wide surround sound musical performance.

If you miss it, the BBC will create a documentary around Coventry Moves called ‘Curtain Up Coventry’.

It will be broadcast across the Midlands on BBC One on Monday 7 June at 19.35, and nationally on BBC Four at 19.00 on Wednesday 9 June.

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