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EastEnders actress Melissa Suffield has continued her slew of body-confidence posts by posing in her underwear just weeks after giving birth to son River.

The Lucy Beale star, 28, welcomed her first child back in March and since then has been busily updating fans on her motherhood journey on Instagram.

In her latest post, Melissa took to Instagram to reveal how she looked in a lace bra and ‘boy pants’.

The mum smiled as she gave a little shimmy for the camera in front of her bedroom mirror.

Writing over the video, the former soap star penned: “Uhhhhh how cute is the Beija London Waves bra in Emerald?-

Melissa Suffield looked sensational as she confidently showed off her post-baby body
(Image: Melissa Suffield/Instagram)
The actress, 28, admitted she was on a journey to acceptance after the changes to her body during pregnancy took a ‘mental toll’
(Image: Melissa Suffield/Instagram)

“Thanks so much for sending it to me gals, a perfect fit as always and I am just OBSESSED with that wavy line.”

The video of Melissa in her underwear comes just days after the actress shared an empowering post about body confidence where she said she was owning her ‘fat rolls’ after giving birth.

Posing up a storm in a slinky red silk dress, Melissa admitted she almost didn’t share the photo because of how she thought she looked before thinking better of the decision.

“I almost didn’t post this. Fat and rolls spilling over the top of the thick waistband of a pair of (her fiancee) Robert’s pants, the dress clinging to it,” she explained.

Melissa told fans she almost didn’t post this picture because she was ‘gutted’ by how she looked
(Image: Melissa Suffield/Instagram)

“The angle I’m sat at, that’s accentuating my lower half and messing with my proportions. I could probably sit and dissect this photo for ages.

“But I won’t. We’re so conditioned to pick out our flaws, and then just stop there. And it can be so hard to see past them once we’ve acknowledged them, and it just leaves us feeling so much less than.

“I’ll see a photo of me, and be gutted when I don’t look as good as I thought I did in the real world- that’s bonkers! Surely the real world is what matters, not the photos we take on those days.

“Capturing memories is a beautiful thing, but it’s important to remember that they’re nothing compared to the memory itself. I felt fierce that day, and no photo is going to make me feel otherwise.”

Melissa famously played Lucy Beale in EastEnders
(Image: BBC ONE)
The actress welcomed son River in March
(Image: Melissa Suffield/Instagram)

Melissa looked absolutely stunning in the photo as she went make-up free with her tumbling blonde locks spilling over her slip dress.

She was immediately praised by her followers for ‘keeping it real’ with many telling the star she looked incredible in the snap.

The mum previously said the changes to her body after welcoming River were taking a ‘mental toll’ and she knew it was going to be a ‘long journey’ to acceptance.

The actress said she was learning to be kinder to herself and ‘not give up’ as she joked she would return to practising yoga when she felt ready.

Melissa shot to fame in 2004 playing Lucy Beale on EastEnders until 2010.


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