First Undersea Tunnel that links Europe and Asia (The Marmaray Project)

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– In this video, the fist in series ‘Mega rail projects’, we discuss one of the greatest engineering feats the Republic of Turkey has ever attempted to realize – the Marmaray Project.

Combining the names of the Sea of Marmara and “ray” which means “rail” in Turkish, the Marmaray Project includes a 13.6 km (8.5 mi) long undersea railway tunnel and the upgrade of 63 km (39 mi) of suburban rail lines, with the aim to create a 76.6 km (47.6 mi) high-capacity passenger railway line between Gebze, on the Asian side of Istanbul, and Halkalı, on the European side.

What maked this project even more interesting, is the fact it represents THE FIRST (PHYSICAL) RAILWAY LINK between Europe and Middle East.

Beside that, the city of Istanbul, like many others, is being crippled by heavy road traffic, air pollution and limited high-capacity transport systems. The Marmaray Project was aimed to resolve many of these issues by providing a rail link beneath the Istanbul Strait. For example, in 2019 only, it contributed the Istanbul transit system with 124 million transported passengers.

In addition, much more is expected from Marmaray line in the future, in terms of both, the passenger and the freight traffic, especially within the context of One Belt One Road initiative, and the transport of freight between China and Europe.

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