Gorka Marquez suffers major mishap as Strictly fans fear for Maisie ‘What a pity!’ – Express

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A third wrote: “The judges really aren’t letting Gorka get away with messing up putting Maisie down after the lift are they? Poor guy #Strictly.”

Someone else said: “Maisie and Gorka – enjoyed that! Was really fun to watch. Nine from me for the slight slip up #Strictly.”

“That last lift was Gorka spinning Maisie like a whirligig full of washing <3 #Strictly,” a fifth wrote. 

“#Strictly Maisie and Gorka – that was a lot better than last week. So much content, I’m exhausted just watching. A pity about the wobble on one of the landings. Otherwise, excellent,” another added.

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow on BBC One at 7.25pm.


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