High Speed 1: The UK's First Railway Line for 300 km/h

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– In the previous video, we talked about the Channel Tunnel which represents the first and only physical connection of continental Europe and Great Britain.

Now, we continue this series with the story about the high-speed rail line connecting the Channel Tunnel and London.

A proposal for a high-speed line similar to those in continental Europe was recognized by policymakers in Great Britain as early as 1971. However, the construction of the line was not authorized by the Parliament next two and a half decades, until the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Act from 1996.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link was later rebranded as High Speed 1, which is the name by which this project is well-known to the public today.

It is quite interesting in general, but especially from the perspective of planning, procurement of works, issues with financing, and organization and restructuring of concessionaire (London & Continental Railways) – which has all been discussed in detail in this video.

Credits: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Hr-cuShohEXEJ3mC9QBrdpNqwvL53vl/view?fbclid=IwAR3yoNxu6Ai3AAqJh2_zDh9lFqGSoT6UzdBIGm4j3Kqh1qukEAlzO8lFizY

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