Holly Willoughby confuses fans by claiming Tom Selleck and Courteney Cox are her parents – Mirror Online

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Holly Willoughby has made the outrageous claim that American acting legends Tom Selleck and Courteney Cox are her parents – much to the confusion of fans.

The 40-year-old This Morning star was celebrating the fact her real parents, Brian and Linda Willoughby, had reached their 44th wedding anniversary on Friday.

Holly took to Instagram to share a throwback snap of her parents looking loved up.

The photo showed Brian sporting an impressive moustache while dressed in a white, partially unbuttoned, shirt, white belt, and dark trousers – along with a gold necklace.

Holly Willoughby shared a throwback photo of her parents to mark their 44th wedding anniversary
(Image: Instagram)

While mum Linda wore a corset-esque red dress, silver necklace and earrings, and a dazzling white smile.

Holly shared the image and drew a red heart around her parents while writing the caption: “44 years of marriage… congratulations mama and papa Willoughby… love you.”

She added a bride and groom emoji along with a red heart emoji.

Holly and her fans noticed a resemblance in her parents to Tom Selleck and Courteney Cox
(Image: Instagram)

Fans appeared quick to highlight the celebrity look-a-like versions of Holly’s parents.

One follower commented: “They look like Monica and Richard (friends)” – highlighting the iconic characters Monica Geller and Dr. Richard Burke, played by 56-year-old Courteney and 76-year-old Tom respectively.

Holly acknowledged the resemblance herself, promptly sharing a photo of Courteney and Tom as Monica and Richard, while drawing another red heart around the image.

She used the same caption as before, along with bride, groom, red heart and rolling on the floor laughing emojis.

Soap actress Tamzin Outwaite appeared to be duped by Holly’s second image.

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Holly caused confusion for her fans by sharing the photo of the Friends stars
(Image: ITV)

Reacting to the photo of the Friends actors, the British star commented: “I thought this was Tom Sellick and Courtney Cox… such handsome parents Hol.”

While many other fans seemed confused by Holly’s second snap, with one baffled fan writing: “Am I as confused as everyone else?!!!!!!!”

And one fan remarked: “I thought that was Tom Selleck” – while another questioned: “thought that was courtney cox!!”


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