How accurate is season 4 of The Crown? –

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6. The Queen and Margaret Thatcher did disagree over South African sanctions

One episode concentrates on the 1986 disagreement between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher, who didn’t want to impose sanctions on South Africa, contrary to the wishes of most Commonwealth countries. The Queen’s Press Secretary, Michael Shea, then briefed the papers, leading to headlines such as “Queen dismayed by uncaring Thatcher”.

The Queen later told Mrs Thatcher she “could not imagine how the story came to be circulated, and anyway it bears no relation to the truth as I understand it”. Thatcher was still worried, saying “Those little old ladies will say Mrs Thatcher is upsetting the Queen. I’ll lose votes.”

7. Choppers at Sandringham

In one dramatic scene, Prince Andrew, while serving as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Navy, lands his helicopter just outside Sandringham, Norfolk.

This is entirely feasible. Royal helicopters regularly land at Sandringham, on the lawn just outside the house. Last Christmas, when Prince Philip was taken ill, he checked out of London’s King Edward VII’s Hospital and went by helicopter to Sandringham. 

And what The Crown gets wrong

1. Prince Philip is not anti-science

In one episode, set in 1975, Prince Philip mocks Margaret Thatcher, the new Leader of the Conservative Party, for being a scientist.  In fact, Prince Philip has always been very interested in science. In his thousands of royal duties undertaken before retiring from public life in 2017, he took a particular interest in science, engineering and industry.

2. Dodgy dates of the Troubles

The new season covers the assassination of Lord Mountbatten in Ireland in 1979 by the IRA.

In its slapdash insertion of real news footage, it uses random clips taken from entirely different periods to give viewers an erroneous feel of the mood in Ireland at the time. 


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