Its in English! Adil Ray erupts as Apprentice star says she would defy quarantine rules – Express

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GMB host Adil Ray took former Apprentice star Bushra Shaikh to task after she admitted that she would not follow Government quarantine rules after visiting Spain. The current rules mandates a ten-day quarantine for all travellers returning from countries on the Amber List. Mr Ray took issue when Ms Shaikh suggested that the “rules may not look the same for everyone”. 

She explained: “Although we are supposed to quarantine for ten days, I could do Covid tests every single day and do certain things to make sure my family and I are not putting anyone at risk after coming back from holiday.”

Mr Ray responded that “the rules are the same for everyone”.

He continued: “What do you mean the rules can look different? They are in English.

“It is very, very clear. If everyone interpreted rules differently, we would get nowhere. 

“Surely you can’t govern like that.”

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The GMB host later added: “Your selfishness could cause people to die.” 

Mr Ray said: “I take your point about the Amber List. But the rules are very clear, if you do go to an Amber List country you are required to quarantine upon your return.”

Dr Rachel Clarke, who joined the interview, blasted Ms Shaikh’s comments, saying: “I am so shocked and dismayed to hear that someone would go to an amber country and not quarantine.

“The quarantine rules are there for a reason in the same way drunk driving rules are there for a reason.” 

The care doctor added: “I find that incredibly and spectacularly selfish.”

Dr Clarke noted that that hospitals already have “a huge backlog” and cannot handle an increase in Covid cases.

In response, Ms Shaikh tried to defend herself: “We can’t imprison people for this long! We are grown ups, we are responsible.

“It may not look like a ten day quarantine but there must be other ways.”

Mr Ray hit back: “”You’re saying be responsible but you’re being totally irresponsible!

“There could be nothing more irresponsible then going to a country with high levels of cases and coming back without quaranting.”

A poll for GMB found that of those planning to travel to Amber list countries, a whopping 35 percent claimed they would not be following all the Government’s rules upon their return.

Viewers took to social media to criticise Ms Shaikh, with one person tweeting: “Bushra Shaikh is so selfish and her failure to see it is very disrespectful to everyone who works in the NHS and to those who have lost loved ones. What is wrong with her, how can she not see what she is saying is dangerous and selfish!”

Another added: “This lady Ms Bushra is so selfish, ignorant and very immature!”


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