James Dreyfus criticises Russell T Davies over gay typecasting – The Times

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One of the country’s most prominent gay actors has pushed back against calls from Russell T Davies for gay performers to get priority for LGBT roles.

James Dreyfus, who played ground-breaking gay characters in the 1990s comedies The Thin Blue Line and Gimme Gimme Gimme, said that sexuality had nothing to do with an actor’s ability to “convince and amaze”.

Audiences would have been deprived of “superlative” recent performances by straight stars if casting decisions were based solely on orientation, Dreyfuss said.

He was responding to remarks from Davies, the creator of Queer as Folk and Years and Years, whose new Channel 4 drama It’s a Sin is set during the 1980s HIV/Aids crisis.

The show’s homosexual characters are played by gay


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