Keir Starmer left red-faced as Susanna Reid confronts him on Tony Blair sleaze claims – Express

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Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer spoke to Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Adily Ray ahead of the Hartlepool election on Tuesday morning. Both presenters grilled the Labour leader for his John Lewis wallpaper stunt in a dig at Boris Johnson and the row over his redecoration costs. Mr Ray insisted that this stunt may have backfired for the Labour Party, however. 

He highlighted that voters would be aware of the sleaze accusations the Labour Party faced when they were in power with Tony Blair.

He added, that the Labour Party may attack the Tories now, but if they were in power, they would behave exactly the same.

And co-host Susanna Reid laid out the redecoration costs Labour Prime Ministers, including Tony Blair, had paid out when doing up the Downing Street flat during their tenures.

Ms Reid said: “The Labour Government doesn’t have a great reputation on this either.

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“Talking about standing holding rolls of wallpaper, the Blairs spent more than 100,000 pounds on refurbishments of the Downing street flat as well.

“Don’t voters just expect Prime Ministers to come in and spend money on the flat, is that big an issue you need to make a photo opportunity out of it.”

 Sir Keir continued to attack the Tories and insisted they had thanked the NHS one day with clap for carers but then rewarded them with a real-term pay cut because they said they couldn’t afford it.

Mr Ray also attacked the Labour leader and raised the point that Tony Blair and the Labour Government were accused of sleaze. 

Sir Keir insisted he had prosecuted MPs for the breach of the expenses rule when he was a lawyer.

He said: “I was the director of public prosecutions that prosecuted MPs for breach of the expenses rule, I know how to take tough decisions.

“When I get into power, I want to clean this up.

“I don’t think it is acceptable to say when it goes on it is priced in, it is alright, it is not alright and needs to be cleaned up.

“Millions of people out there do not want one rule for those in Government and another for everyone else.”


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