Married actors become Hermes drivers as theatres shut down… and deliver parcel to West End impresario Cameron Mackintosh –

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On a slow day, Casey delivers around 100 parcels, but can shift closer to 200. “You have to hit those targets and you have to get it all done by 7.30-8pm. You are paid £1 a parcel. So an easy day is physically easy, but it’s not going to pay the rent.

“Yesterday I delivered 163 parcels, and out of that £163 I’ve got the petrol to pay for, the insurance on the van. It’s a self-employed job so we’re having to put money away for tax next year.

“I deliver everything. I’ve had a car door – now I’m strong as an ox but I’m 5’3” and I’m eight stone wet through and I was like, seriously, a car door? Sometimes you’ll get a box and it’s so heavy you think, what are these people ordering, anvils?” The couple split the week, with Casey working Monday-Wednesday and her husband from Thursday-Saturday, allowing them to juggle work with looking after their two children.

Casey is known as one of the warmest, most positive people in the business. She said of the delivery job: “People say to me, ‘Oh, God, is it horrible?’ And it isn’t, because people are very kind. Sometimes we have conversations with clients and they go, ‘Oh, you’re ever so personable,’ and we say, ‘Well, we’re actors, really.’”

Last month, Casey had to deliver a parcel to Anthony Drewe, the famed West End and Broadway lyricist. It was a low point. “I’ve known him for years and, oh, the shame of Anthony opening that door. He was really sweet about it and it shouldn’t be a problem but, you know, I’m a drama queen and I did sit in the van afterwards as I drove away and I did sob.

“I thought, ‘Two months ago he’d have been asking me to go and do a demo for him for a new musical, and now I’m offering him a Lakeland parcel.”

Equity, the actors’ union, said more than 6,000 of its members have lost work since March and a number have reported having to use food banks because competition for even minimum wage work is so tough.

Casey spoke to The Telegraph in the week that the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, expressed his regret over a “crass” advertisement which suggested a ballet dancer called ‘Fatima’ should retrain in cybersecurity.


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