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The Variant Lokis and the Post-Credits Scene

Loki wakes up and we get an homage to that famed shot in Avengers when Loki finds himself on the ground, surrounded by hostile heroes. Except this time they are Lokis. And…is that a crumbling Avengers tower we see in the background.

Of all the variant Lokis, the most significant of these is…

Kid Loki

Kid Loki made his first appearance in Thor #617 in 2010. Feeling he had hit a dead end as the God of Mischief and was too distrusted for his schemes to matter, Loki set up his own death in the event Siege, where he was killed by the Void. He was reborn as his child self, from back when he was beloved and still relatively innocent. While mischievous, Kid Loki tried to break the chains of what his previous self had become and used his powers to help Asgard and his brother. By the time he proved himself heroic, the soul of the previous Loki was able to overtake his body and ride on his reputation.

The conclusion of that story suggested that the status quo wouldn’t allow for a heroic Loki for too long, but instead of going full-on evil again, the new form of Loki instead fell into bouts of guilt over his actions. This led to Kid Loki joining the Young Avengers and eventually aging himself up to a young adult.

So hey, Disney+ shows are three-for-three on introducing Young Avengers characters!

Alligator Loki

The alligator Loki doesn’t exactly come from the comics, but it does seem to be a nod to the incident where Loki transformed Thor into a frog during the Walt Simonson run of the Thor comics. While the adventure was short lived, Frog Thor was such a beloved concept that it’s been revisited various times, including making it a separate character (real name Simon Walterson, because of course).


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