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Meghan Markle has been compared to her mother-in-law Princess Diana as she used fashion to express her individuality and  sent royal family  a ‘very strong message’ about  style  at hr engagement.

 According to fashion experts,  The Duchess of Sussex followed in the footsteps of Prince  Harry’s mom  with her  incredible  fashion choices and used  it to send a powerful message to the Royal Family.

The former ‘Suits’ star, who became  an important part of the  Firm after marrying Prince Harry, was initially restricted in what she could wear and limited in using the power of fashion, but she appeared to be defiant as she continued to rock the dresses of her choice. 

But now, Meghan has produced some of her most iconic moments in fashion after stepping back from the royals, sending strong message  to the Firm with her actions that she  loves the way of her mother-in-law Princess Diana.

Fashion journalist Elizabeth Holmes spoke to People and said both women used their dress sense to not only tick royal expectation, but also show individuality.

She added: ‘When they find their footing and when they know how to dress in a way that checks off all the royal boxes of expectations — but also displays their individuality and who they are — that’s when I really smile. It’s like they’ve hit their stride.’

Similar to Princess Diana, the Duchess’s decision to wear trousers was a nod to the late Princess, she said.

According to the expert, this became apparent in 2018, even before the Royal Wedding, when Meghan wore a black suit at her first evening engagement, rather than a gown.

“(The suit sent) a very strong message that she was here to work,” royal journalist Victoria Murphy was reported to have said.

She claimed that the Duchess’s decision to wear trousers was a nod to the late Princess.

About Diana, Ms Holmes reportedly said: “What I came to really understand and appreciate was the ways in which she delighted in fashion, and introduced emotion into the equation.

Casting light on Meghan Markle’s fashion choice, Holmes said: “Meghan came to the family several steps ahead of Diana and Kate. Meghan was an accomplished actress and knew the language of clothing,” said Ms .

The author added: “This is their whole job, to tell stories through clothes.” 

She went on to say: “Meghan looked new and exciting, and modern, and sophisticated. She brought her Southern California relaxed vibe to a famously stuffy institution.”

According to experts, Meghan Markle’s actions speak louder than her words as the Duchess  sends powerful message to the world with her unexpected moves.


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