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mental health self care vlog ☕️
welcome back to #youtober day 15!
I’ve been feeling really off this week and despite knowing catching up on a few things would elevate some of that icky feeling, it took me a few days of simmering in that state of ick before finally getting up, brushing off and doing some good ol’ self-care. Sometimes self care is catching up on sleep, laughing with a friend, having a good cry, going for a long walk, taking a bubble bath, calling up your parent, baking yourself a sweet treat, doing something kind for someone else, the list goes on. That said, I think the biggest form of self-care we can practice is letting ourselves feel however we do. Everything else is a choice, most times our feelings are not.
Then eventually, be it time, a shift in circumstances, a new wave of inspiration or a sunny day, you’ll suddenly feel different.
If you’re feeling that way now, hang in there 💛

sending you all a sign that you’re cared for✨

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Vlog Chapters 🕯:
00:00 – quote + intro ✨
01:05 – mental health days
03:21 – dinner + the bachelorette
03:43 – bubble baths & face masks
05:15 – morning cuddles + walk
06:45 – cleaning up & journalling
07:42 – hair mask & mental health life chat

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