Mumbai – Fujairah (Dubai) Underwater Train Tunnel Project

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The job is indicated to connect the UAE along with the various other GCC countries for the truly very first time with India utilizing a Tunnel as well as an Ultra Speed subsea railway; with the purpose of enhancing the Bilateral Trade in between both nations.

The Fujairah-Mumbai Tunnel & & & & & & Subsea Ultra Speed Train Line Project is currently at the Concept phase.

The submersed tubes would certainly be support by being connected to pontoons externally location of the sea or upright tethers to the sea floor covering.
There would certainly be enough locations in between the pontoons to make it possible for ships to undergo.
Tvs would definitely be positioned undersea, deep enough to prevent water site traffic as well as climate condition.

The wandering undersea passage would certainly include 2 rounded concrete tubes, immersed noted here the area of the Arabian Sea.

The Main take benefit of Project are:

1. Commute Passengers, Tourists & & & & & & team member Between the UAE (together with different other GCC Countries) and likewise India
2. Export Oil From Fujairah Port To India with a Pipeline
3. Import water from Narmada River North of Mumbai (it is well kept in mind that The Narmada River is overloading throughout rainstorm duration; excess water can exported to the UAE )

4. Transportation Goods & & & & & & items in between both countries.

Future method consists of a making a plan for roadway to be developed within the roaming passage for vehicles and likewise vehicle transport; in addition to & & & & & & Floating Hotel as well as shopping center gas terminals at the center of the Arabian Sea were tourists can go shopping and likewise rest.

Video Courtesy –
National Advisor Bureau Limited

The rate of train is readied to be 1000 km/h, the 1826km variety in between Mumbai to Fujairah terminal can be covered within 2hrs.

Future Train terminals may include the port city of Karachi in Pakistan & & & & & & Muscat the financing city of Oman.

The National Advisor Bureau restricted is a working as a consultant organization based in Masdar city in Abu Dhabi, the business Specialized on Creative along with Innovative Projects such as the UAE– Iceberg Project (Http://www.Icebergs.World ).

It is expected that the work will definitely help raise the profession and likewise the boost of visitors from both sides.


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