Noel Clarke told actress to get her privates out and pee on friend in resurfaced clip –

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Noel Clarke left actress Jahannah James in tears after ordering her to wee on a co-star as part of a prank.

The Viewpoint actor, 45, stands accused of sexual misconduct by 20 women, which he has ‘vehemently denied’.

Following the allegations, a clip of the actor being interviewed by actress Jahannah to promote film Brotherhood for HelloU in 2016 has been unearthed online.

Ahead of the interview, Clarke and his co-star Jason Maza caught wind that Jahannah was going to try and prank so them decided to get one over on her first.

In the video, Noel tells the camera: “This is my film. I created this, you can’t prank me.”

A clip of a Noel Clarke interview from 2016 sees the Brotherhood director pranking actress Jahanna James
(Image: The Hook/Youtube)
Noel told the actress she needed to pee on his friend, who was pretending to have an allergic reaction
(Image: The Hook/Youtube)

After sipping a fruity cocktail that Jahannah provided, Jason pretends to have a bad allergic reaction and falls to the floor.

“Is there orange in that drink?” he asks, as Jahannah looks on.

“He’s allergic to orange man you know that,” Noel tells her. “You’ve known us for f***ing years, you know he was.”

“I thought it was a nut allergy,” Jahannah replies.

Noel then appears to be on the phone to medical staff, telling them: “His throat is closing”

At this point Jahannah puts her hands to her mouth and starts crying : “He can’t breathe. He can’t breathe.”

Jahannah declined the request
(Image: The Hook/Youtube)
She told the actor she didn’t want to do it
(Image: The Hook/Youtube)

Noel turns and yells at her: “How is that going to help?” before telling the caller: “I’m not shouting at you but this girl’s being an idiot.”

He then asks Jahannah: “What are you crying for?”

The Brotherhood director then listens to instructions from the caller and tells Jahannah: “You need to pee on him.”

The actress then asks everyone in the room to turn around.

“I can’t,” says Jahannah.

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Noel and co-star Jason Maza revealed it had been a ‘prank’
(Image: The Hook/Youtube)

“Just take your fanny out and pee on him, what’s wrong with you!?” Noel asks.

The Viewpoint star then advises Jahannah to put her leg up on the chair.

At this point, Jason jumps up and reveals it was all a stunt.

Noel then hugs Jahannah and congratulates her on a ‘good job’ in the interview.

Noel was stripped of his Contribution to British Cinema award by Bafta – after picking up the prestigious award in February
(Image: WireImage)

On Friday afternoon, Clarke responded to the recent sexual misconduct allegations against him and said he is ‘deeply sorry’ and ‘seeking professional help’ while adding that he ‘vehemently denies any sexual misconduct or criminal wrongdoing.”

Following an investigation by the Guardian, 20 women spoke out against Clarke claiming they had been sexually assaulted and bullied by the actor.

Bafta subsequently decided to remove Clarke’s membership and stripped him of the contribution to cinema award he received in February.


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