Prince Harry very reclusive like the Loch Ness monster in US after Meghan Markle move – Express

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Mr Lowe also said may even have a ponytail. The actor spoke about the Duke of Sussex on the US talk show, The Late Late Show With James Corden. The actor said he may have recently caught a glimpse of his new royal neighbour.

Both Mr Lowe and Prince Harry live in Montecito in Southern California.

Mr Lowe said: “I just ran into your countryman, the English treasure, Prince Harry, at the stoplight 10 minutes ago.

“He lives about a mile from me.

“He’s been very reclusive.

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“I’m just saying.

“It looked to me as a casual observer that his hair had grown very long and was pulled back very tightly by what I can only assume was a ponytail.”

Host James Corden replied: “I’m certain that isn’t true.

“Do you know what I think happened?

“I think you didn’t see Prince Harry.”

To which Mr Lowe doubled down on his sighting of the royal and said: “Oh no, it was him because I have to say, I followed him to the house to see if the car went in.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex bought their first home together in California in June 2020.

The mansion is located in an affluent part of Santa Barbara, where they live with their son Archie.


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