Prince Harry with a ponytail? It wouldnt be the first time hes gone rogue with his grooming regime –

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Firstly, there’s the wardrobe adjustments. Prince Harry has always cut a more casual stance than his heir-apparent brother; more rag tag and rather more endearing for it. But his move to Los Angeles has seen him move even further towards the easy end of the spectrum. It’s a look that’s ubiquitous on the West Coast, even though that nondescript T-shirt is likely to be a three-figure number from James Perse. Now the Duke’s ginger hair, which has been looking rather more bushy of late, has allegedly followed suit. 

The hair-raising issue of the prince’s follicles has been the subject of much debate. Last year it was reported that Harry had undergone treatment to tackle his increasingly expanding bald spot, with rumours that he had attended the renowned Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in Mayfair for a hair thickening procedure, which costs upwards of £4,000. 

Although the clinic won’t be drawn on whether his royal head has graced its treatment chairs, Glenn Lyons, Clinical Director at Philip Kingsley, notes that normal levels of male hormones cause baldness. “It’s unique for each man, of course, but I always advise clients that while we can’t stop it, we can slow it.”

The treatment works via a topical solution of anti-male hormones, which is applied to the scalp, and helps stimulate the follicles at scalp level. “It works by exerting a controlling influence on male hormones in the body,” says the specialist, who has worked at the esteemed clinic since it launched in 1968. Even the briefest peruse through royal family albums shows that male pattern baldness is a genetic trait amongst the gentlemen of the royal household. 


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