Prince William hopes to repair rift with Prince Harry now work ties have been severed –

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Speculation is rife that Prince William could endure the most criticism. Behind palace gates, it is thought the Duchess “would not be foolish enough” to take aim at either the Queen or the Duchess of Cambridge but may reference the tensions that have built up between her husband and his elder brother in recent years.

The couple are understood to have recorded the interview over two-days last week at their home in California.

A source close to the Sussexes insisted that they would never say anything to disrespect the Queen or cause further animosity and that any suggestion to the contrary was “just ridiculous.”

“They have done and said nothing over the last year to indicate that they would be issuing any kind of personal attack on members of the Royal Family,” one said.

The source agreed that now loose ends over the couple’s decision to seek an independent life had been tied up, there was hope that personal relationships could be repaired.

“There is a big difference between the family firm – family business – and the family,” they said.

On Sunday, it was reported that the Duke of Cambridge felt “really sad and genuinely shocked” by his brother’s behaviour towards the Queen in recent weeks.

He was said to believe the Sussexes had been “insulting and disrespectful” to Her Majesty and was “very upset by what has happened”.

Aides and other family members were shocked by the tone of the couple’s riposte to the Queen’s confirmation that they would not be able to combine an independent life with “the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service”.

The Sussexes’ declared that they would offer “continued support to the organisations they have represented regardless of official role,” adding: “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.”

One aide was quoted as saying of the Duke: “Once he got over the anger of how things happened, he was left with the absence of his brother. 

“They had shared everything about their lives —- an office, a foundation, meetings together most days — and there was a lot of fun along the way. He’ll miss it forever.”

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace confirmed on Sunday that Jean-Christophe Gray, David Cameron’s former spokesman, had been appointed as the Duke’s private secretary.

Mr Gray previously worked in the Government’s Treasury department, leaving his position as head of general expenditure policy in 2012 to join the communications team at Downing Street, becoming then-prime minister Mr Cameron’s official spokesman.

The Duke of Edinburgh remained under observation at King Edward VII  hospital in London yesterday, after being admitted on Tuesday evening. The Prince of Wales visited on Saturday to update him on developments concerning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


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