Princess Diana statue snubbed as Britons say they will not visit tribute – new poll – Express

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The tribute is located in Kensington Palace’s sunken garden, where Diana spent a good deal of time. It depicts the princess with her arms around two children, whilst a third child follows up behind.

However, a survey of readers found 76 percent of respondents have no intention of visiting it.

Of 17,983 who completed the survey just 1,986, or 11 percent, plan to see the statue.

Some 13,699 said they didn’t plan to, whilst the balance is made up of the 2,298, or 13 percent, who are unsure.

The unveiling was the first time William and Harry were pictured together since Prince Philip’s funeral, in April.

Tensions between Harry and the wider Royal Family surged in March, when he made a series of incendiary accusations in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Many readers were critical of the statue on artistic grounds.

One wrote: “If it cost a lot then they need to ask for a refund, it is awful and looks nothing like her.

Another added: “That statue is horrible. After all the hype, what a disappointment.”

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Due to coronavirus regulations, he spent time quarantining at Frogmore Cottage before the event.

Meghan, who gave birth to the couple’s daughter last month, didn’t make the trip.

William and Harry spoke emotionally about missing their mother.

The brothers said: “Every day we wish she were still with us.

“We remember her love, strength and character.

“Qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better.”

Whilst some readers were critical of the statue others were more sympathetic.

One wrote: “It is irrelevant, if her sons like it, ok.

“I wouldn’t bother to go and see it.

“I met her in real life, pleasant but not a saint.

“Princess Anne is far more significant, she does a lot of good work but doesn’t draw attention to it.”

Another added: “The vast majority of us haven’t seen it.

“Anything can look good in a modern day photo.

“But Princess Diana was a star and deserves her reward and her moment in history.”



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