Princess Dianas Ford Escort from Prince Charles on sale for £40000 – The Times

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It is a 40-year-old Ford Escort with a relatively low 83,000 miles on the clock and it is in good condition. Nevertheless, a £40,000 price tag might seem a little steep.

The reason? The car has a royal pedigree. It was a gift from Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, his fiancée, in 1981. Diana was photographed at the wheel, visiting Charles and driving to and from polo matches and society events.

Tina Kirkpatrick, who has owned the Ford for 20 years, has until now kept the royal heritage of her “great little runner” under wraps.

“Of course I knew when I bought it that it once belonged to Princess Diana, that is why I wanted it,” she said. “I was a big fan


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