Princess Louise! Lady may update her Royal title amid row over Duke of Edinburgh – Express

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On recent outings, the public has been charmed by the young royal. And the topic of royal titles is popular at present as question marks hang over the chances of her father, Prince Edward, becoming Duke of Edinburgh.

As the Queen’s granddaughter, she is technically a princess from birth but her parents decided to raise her without the title.

Edward and Sophie announced at the time of their marriage that they will not give their children royal titles.

However, last year Sophie revealed that her children could decide for themselves whether they wanted to use them once they turn 18.

With Louise’s birthday approaching, the young royal could be joining her cousins Beatrice and Eugenie who also use the princess title.

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With royal tradition, the title automatically passed to eldest son Charles, 72.

“Edinburgh won’t go to them (the Wessexes) as far as the prince is concerned,” a source close to the Prince of Wales told the Sunday Times.

“The prince is the Duke of Edinburgh as it stands, and it is up to him what happens to the title. It will not go to Edward,” another said.

The Earl of Wessex, 57, has previously said that passing on the title to him was his father’s “dream”.

With the blessing of the Queen and Prince Philip, in 1999 Buckingham Palace announced Edward would inherit the title “in due course”.


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