Royal Family LIVE: Meghan Markle & Harry hit by huge blow – crucial trademark blocked – Express

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Meghan Markle and Harry release Archewell Audio trailer

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex applied to have their charitable organisation Archewell Foundation and their production company Archewell Audio protected by company law in America. Harry and Meghan, who quit royal duties last year for a new life in California, filed documents with the US Patent and Trademark Office requesting sole use of the terms.

But their trademark bid has hit a stumbling block, Richard Eden of the Daily Mail has reported.

The Sussexes have been told the applications need clarification before they are successful.

In the application for Archewell Audio, Harry and Meghan said the firm was for the “creation, development, production and distribution of podcasts, audio programmes, music, and audio books”.

But the office replied: “Applicant must clarify that these are entertainment-based services.”

The application also said the company would create: “Live podcast performances, live stage performances, live music performances, and live audio-book readings.”

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Meghan and Harry’s trademark bid for Archewell is facing a setback, according to reports (Image: GETTY)

The office responded: “Applicant must clarify these are entertainment-based services.”

It also said they needed to “specify the nature of the ‘live stage performances”.

And for their Archewell Foundation application, the Sussexes have been asked to give more details on the web apps they hope to provide.

Harry and Meghan have six months to respond or both applications will be scrapped.


10am update: Royal Family warned William and Harry feud to erupt in battle for ‘spirit’ of Diana

Prince William and Prince Harry’s rift is forecast to continue as both brothers battle over the branding of “Diana and her legacy”, a royal expert has suggested.

Royal author Pauline Maclaran told US Weekly: “From a branding perspective, a good part of me likes to think of it as evolving and it intrigues me how it will go because of course, we have the battle over Diana and her legacy.

“Which owns it? You can see that both sides are vying for the spirit of Diana.

“She’s been reinstated within the Royal Family but she’s also a part of Harry and Meghan’s brand.

“I’m very interested in how that plays out in the future and I think we’ll see the start of huge tensions there as well.”

9.25am update: Kate not short of distraction at Kensington Palace

The Duchess of Cambridge will have plenty to do as she remains in self-isolation at Kensington Palace.

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that Kate is currently undergoing a 10-day quarantine after being possibly exposed to COVID-19.

A brief statement by the Palace read: “Last week The Duchess of Cambridge came into contact with someone who has subsequently tested positive for COVID-19.

“Her Royal Highness is not experiencing any symptoms, but is following all relevant Government guidelines and is self-isolating at home.”

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is self-isolating (Image: GETTY)

8.50am update: Queen ordered to pay billions in slavery reparations as Jamaica rages at British Empire

The Queen has been ordered to pay out billions of pounds by Jamaica after the nation pointed to Britain’s role in administering the former slave colony.

A Jamaican politician has said a petition for compensation will be “presented to the Queen”.

The British monarch is officially titled Queen of Jamaica, as the nation is within the British Commonwealth.

Jamaica has demanded slavery reparations from the Queen, as she is the head of state of the UK.

8am update: Harry and Meghan ‘showing up’ Royal Family with alternative brand

A consumer affairs expert said how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have established “a competitive brand” with “their version of royalty” that destroys the brand of the Royal Family.

Speaking to US Weekly, Pauline Maclaran, a professor of marketing & consumer research at Royal Holloway University, explained how Meghan and Harry’s break from the Royal Family and establishment of their own commercial enterprises will have a long lasting and damaging impact on the monarchy.

Ms Maclaran, who wrote Royal Fever: The British Monarchy in Consumer Culture, added how the Sussexes have established their own brand with a heavy emphasis on “victimhood” which has a massive market in the USA.

This brand, she says, massively challenges the established Royal Family brand as the California-based pair continue to roll out products from books to podcasts.

7.45am update: Diana ‘went to the gym every day and never drank’

Princess Diana would have aged “very gracefully” thanks to the good habits in her daily routine, experts claimed.

Designer Jasper Conran told the Telegraph: “Diana went to the gym every day and didn’t drink so she would have aged very gracefully.

“She’d have taken a good look at those plumped up society faces and probably thought ‘best not’.”

7.30am update: Philip wouldn’t want Queen to follow habit of Victoria after Albert died

Prince Philip would want the Queen to “live life to the full” rather than sit about and mourn him, a royal expert has said.

Royal author Phil Dampier told Femail: “I’m sure she was devastated by his passing – after all they were married for 73 years but I’m sure that he told her to enjoy what was left of her own life.

“He would not want her to sit around mourning him like Queen Victoria did for Albert, and I bet he would want her to carry on living life to the full.

“Ironically they spent a lot more time together at the end because of lockdown. His death wasn’t unexpected and he had a long and fulfilled life.”


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