Shamed Kasabian star Tom Meighan marries partner year after pleading guilty to assault – The Mirror

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Shamed ex-Kasabian star Tom Meighan has tied-the-knot with Vikki Ager – a year after he pled guilty to assaulting her in a brutal alcohol-fuelled attack.

The 40-year-old musician and his now-wife swapped vows at a ceremony at Harbourgh Registry Office in Leicester on Tuesday.

The couple posed for photographs with Vikki wearing a pristine, white, sleeveless dress, white veil, and clutching a large bouquet of flowers.

While Tom – who was kicked out of rock band Kasabian last year after he confirmed he had assaulted Vikki in a wine-fuelled rage – wore a pair of dark trousers, black shirt, black tie, and matching suit jacket and waistcoat with blue and grey stripes.

Tom Meighan and Vikki Ager
Ex-Kasabian star Tom Meighan and Vikki Ager are now husband and wife
(Image: Dave J Hogan)

The MailOnline claims Tom and Vikki acknowledged their marriage alongside a statement reading: “Tom has worked so hard on himself, his health, family unit and his relationship with Vicki over the past year.”

In July last year, the other members of Kasabian revealed they had demanded Tom step down from the band after he pled guilty to attacking Vikki in a lockdown assault.

Tom himself went on to plead guilty to beating his now wife in their garden on April 9 last year – with a judge ordering him to 200 hours of community service.

Tom Meighan and Vikki Ager
The couple were married at Harbourgh Registry Office in Leicester on Tuesday
(Image: Dave J Hogan)

During the trial, the court heard that Vikki had suffered bruising to her knees, left elbow, outer ankle and big toe as well as a reddening around the neck.

Tom had previously attempted to deny he had committed assault, but CCTV footage had captured him striking his then-fiancee and dragging her by the ankles into their garden.

It was reported last year that Tom changed his verdict after seeing the footage and had told police he couldn’t watch the full video as it was “horrible”.

(Image: Dave J Hogan)

The brutal attack was brought to the attention of authorities when a child, who witnessed the attack, dialled 999 and reported a: “domestic incident was taking place”.

Sentencing the musician in July last year, District Judge Nick Watson said: “Ms Ager has not made a statement to police and does not appear to support this prosecution. Of course, that choice does not mean I should treat this offence any less seriously.

“You knocked Ms Ager over on more than one occasion and put your hands to her throat. You hit her in the face and pushed her into a hamster cage, which resulted in injury to her head.

“You threatened her with a wooden pallet. It seems you thought better of it, thankfully, and threw it down on the hot tub aggressively.

“Throughout most of the video she could be seen fighting you off. There are a number of things which make this offence more serious. A child was witness to this behaviour and she must have been frightened over what was happening.

“The police have been called before and there is evidence of previous abusive behaviour. Ms Ager says what happened was an isolated event.

“I need to take account of the fact that not only did you hurt Ms Ager, you also let down many people – band members and those who love your music. They will be shocked about what you did that night.

“I have been told that you have recognised that you have a problem with alcohol.”

Tom Meighan
Tom was sentenced to 200 hours of community service at Leicester Magistrates’ Court in July last year
(Image: PA)

In a full statement released to the MailOnline on Tuesday, Tom and Vikki announced: “We are pleased to share the news that on Tuesday the 13th July 2021, Tom Meighan and Vikki Ager were married at Market Harbourgh Registry Office, Leicester.

“It was an intimate affair, in accordance with the latest Covid-19 guidelines, with the couple becoming husband and wife surrounded by their children, family and a few close friends.

“Tom has worked so hard on himself, his health, family unit and his relationship with Vicki over the past year. They are very much in love and looking forward to sharing the rest of their lives together.”


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