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ONCE upon a time, Spencer Matthews was known for his partying and bad boy behaviour – and made his name as a love-rat on Made In Chelsea.

But, since meeting his now-wife Vogue Williams in 2017, he’s turned his life around – and even went teetotal in 2018, just before their first child, Theodore, was born.

Spencer Matthews went teetotal just before his son Theodore was born in 2018


Spencer Matthews went teetotal just before his son Theodore was born in 2018Credit: Clean Co
The former Made In Chelsea star used to be known for his wild partying


The former Made In Chelsea star used to be known for his wild partyingCredit: Refer to Caption

However, after two and a half years of no drinking, Spencer, 32, has exclusively revealed to The Sun he’s drinking again – although still very much in moderation.

The reality TV star – who owns non-alcoholic spirits brand CleanCo – tells us: “I was completely teetotal, I abstained for about two and a half years – and I was never against alcohol, I just felt that I needed a good, clean break from drinking.

“Whether it be Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, a holiday in the sun, I wouldn’t touch it. 

“It was a really interesting time, and at that time I thought, ‘I’m never going to touch alcohol again. Why would I?’

“But I now will have a very occasional glass of wine or a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve or if the occasion’s right.

“So I’m not a total abstainer, but I do consider myself to have a really good and positive relationship with alcohol now.”

‘I was drinking to excess’

Spencer says he was 'drinking to excess' before he went teetotal


Spencer says he was ‘drinking to excess’ before he went teetotalCredit: GC Images – Getty

When he shot to fame on Made in Chelsea in 2011, Spencer was working as a PR manager at posh London clubs.

And before that, he was working as a city trader.

For this reason, Spencer – who is also a father to one-year-old daughter, Gigi – insists he never had an alcohol problem, but started to become very aware of how normal “drinking to excess” had become in his life.

“Alcohol was just readily available, and a few drinks would always turn into more,” he confesses. “I worked as a city trader for a number of years, where part of our job would be to take investment bankers out on lunches and dinners and gain their favour, so there was a lot of entertaining going on. 

“Then I worked in nightlife for a period, and then I was on television for a while and all of these jobs came with socialising.

“It was just kind of normal to have a beer or a glass of wine in your hand.”

Spencer says he started to become less confident in himself and his abilities the more he was drinking.

“I’ve never lacked confidence,” he explains. “But my own opinion of what I might be able to achieve with my life was becoming dented by alcohol. 

“I became a little truculent, and would blame my shortcomings on other people.

“I would always have a reason for not being that person who got the job or who succeeded in the way I wanted to succeed.

“Then Theodore was about to be born, and I thought I’m going to go completely teetotal, just to see what it’s all about, because a lot of really cool, interesting people who decided to give up drinking had all the success in the world, seemingly, and I’ve always been a bit driven by that.”

‘I’m now drinking in moderation’

He recommends drinking in moderation and submitted a White Paper to the government


He recommends drinking in moderation and submitted a White Paper to the governmentCredit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

Despite originally going teetotal, Spencer insists that “drinking in moderation and having complete control over your alcohol intake” is what really matters.

And – with 10.6million people in the UK drinking above the recommended 14 units of alcohol a week – Spencer and his company CleanCo have even submitted a White Paper to the UK government, calling for fresh advice to be given to people when it comes to alcohol consumption. 

For Spencer, drinking in moderation has made him feel much better about every part of his life.

He says: “It’s incredibly important for your mental health and physical health. 

“In my case, with a wife and a young family, and running a business, you feel like you have quite a lot of responsibility on your plate, and I simply couldn’t tackle all that if I drank to excess the day before. 

“I wouldn’t be anywhere near as useful as I feel I can be now.”

He continues: “That period of not drinking was actually made easy by how incredible it was. 

“It was not hard at all, because the difference in you is tenfold. 

“All of a sudden, everyone’s looking at you a little differently. You’re making more sense, you’re better at work, you’re clearer, you’re better at sport, you’re in the gym more, you look better, you feel better. 

“Even your parents are happier with everything!”

Reformed cheating love-rat

Spencer cheated on Louise Thompson numerous times on Made in Chelsea


Spencer cheated on Louise Thompson numerous times on Made in ChelseaCredit: Channel 4

It’s a far cry from the Spencer who was on Made in Chelsea.

He was part of some of the E4 reality show’s most memorable moments due to his string of relationships with the likes of Lucy Watson, Louise Thompson and Stephanie Pratt – none of which ended amicably.

Spencer would just laugh and be completely uncaring as he broke these girls’ hearts.

In fact, he spent two whole series competing with Andy Jordan for Louise, only to cheat on her when he finally started dating her, casually admitting to taking part in an orgy while at a garden party. 

While she was sobbing, he famously told her: “It’s f**king hard to respect you when you allow me to cheat on you.”

Millie Mackintosh even slapped him round the face for sleeping with his ex, Funda Onal, behind Louise’s back. 

Steroids shame

Spencer was thrown out of I'm A Celebrity in 2015 after taking steroids


Spencer was thrown out of I’m A Celebrity in 2015 after taking steroidsCredit: Rex Features

Spencer’s old bad boy reputation wasn’t just due to his love life.

In 2015, he was thrown out of I’m A Celebrity after a ­row with ­bosses when they refused to give him steroids.

Spencer had been taking the body-bulking drugs – banned by major sporting bodies – in the run-up to the ITV show while ­preparing for a boxing match.

At the time, he issued a frank statement apologising for his “error of ­judgment” before flying home.

Then, a year later, he revealed he took the pills “completely out of vanity” because he wanted to “look good in the shower”.

“When the reality came in that I was going home on the third day, I was just absolutely devastated,” he told Newsbeat. “For someone that doesn’t get anxious or depressed, I felt pretty anxious and depressed.

“It was a bit of a dark time.”

The star said he was offered steroids while training for a charity boxing match, and was told they would make a difference to his training.

“It was a pill every day and that’s just how I saw it,” he said. “I was under the impression recreational use of steroids was fine, especially as they seem to be, very worryingly, readily available.

“I didn’t actually believe I was doing anything wrong at the time.”

CleanCo is urging the public to #DrinkCleanBetween. For more information, go to Clean.co

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