Strictly fans ‘shocked’ as identity of eliminated celebrity leaks online – The Independent

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The BBC competition’s results show is always pre-recorded following the main episode on a Saturday, with the identity of the departing celebrity kept secret until the time of broadcast.

However, the results are occasionally revealed in advance by people who like to ruin the surprise for long-time viewers.

The latest departure has “shocked” fans who either sought out the spoiler or accidentally saw it online.

We won’t be ruining the surprise here.

“NoooOoOoo, I’ve just seen this weeks strictly spoiler and I’m SO UPSET WTF PEOPLE,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Oh for God’s sake, you have to be kidding me!!”

Last night’s episode left viewers on edge after EastEnders Maise Smith was underscored when her dance partner, Gorka Marquez, almost dropped her after she performed a backflip.

The Strictly results show airs tonight at 7.25pm on BBC One.  


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