Switzerland train on Europe's beautiful brusio spiral loop railway viaduct in Switzerland, eu (1/3)

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swiss train in Brusio spiral loop railway viaduct, Switzerland, 2k18 | shock wave

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Just a few miles from the Italian border in Switzerland, there is a beautiful nine arched spiral viaduct.

The Brusio spiral viaduct forms part of the Bernina Railway section between Brusio and Campascio, and are about 55 KM from St. Moritz. The Brusio spiral viaduct is a single-track nine-arched stone spiral railway viaduct. A signature structure of the World Heritage-listed Bernina railway, it is located near Brusio, in the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland, and was built to limit the railway’s gradient at that location within its specified maximum of 7%. Contents.

It is known as “Viadotto elicoidale di Brusio” in Italian & “Kreisviadukt Brusio” in German.

Travelled from Chur to Tirano and back within a day, the view on Bernina Express was simply STUNNING! You might think that it may be too much within a day but if you are a nature lover, this train ride will provide many awestruck moments of the magnificent mountains and turquoise lakes.

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