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The Haunting of Bly Manor has got pretty much everyone who has seen it hiding behind cushions. But the horror series has broken through to the real world after one fan worked out that if you call the number in the advert for a new nanny, the pint-sized creep that is Flora answers.

One fan who’d called the number, Kayleigh Scott, said: “Anyone who’s watched The Haunting of Bly Manor, have you tried calling the number in the ad to apply for the Nanny job?! (It’s answered by Flora). This is creepy and quite cool!!”

And if you don’t believe us, you can watch it in the video above.

Netflix shared the ad on Twitter in the run-up to the shows’ release, inviting people to apply for the au pair position that is ultimately filled by Victoria Pedretti’s Dani Clayton.

After a solitary ring, Flora answers the phone, saying: “Hi, you’ve reached the Wingrave family at Bly Manor – we’re not here right now.

“If you’re calling about the open nanny position, interviews will be conducted by our uncle Henry in five days.

“It will be perfectly splendid. We can’t wait to meet you.”

And if that wasn’t arse-clenchingly terrifying enough, it turns out that the actor who plays Flora – Amelie Bea Smith – is also the new voice of Peppa Pig.

Flora answers the phone if you call the nanny advert. Credit: Netflix
Flora answers the phone if you call the nanny advert. Credit: Netflix

For those of you who aren’t well-acquainted with the series, The Haunting of Bly Manor is a follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House – but with an all-new storyline based on Henry James’s 1898 novella ‘The Turn of the Screw’.

This tale is set in the 1980s and also stars Henry Thomas (The Haunting of Hill House) as the children’s uncle, while newcomers Smith and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth play Flora and Miles, Henry’s – weird – niece and nephew.

And while they say the second album is always the hardest, since the series dropped on Netflix earlier this month, fans have been falling over themselves with praise.

Writing on Twitter, one person said: “This is your daily reminder to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor if u like well written horror shows with an amazing cast and a sapphic couple at its centre.”

Another fan wrote: “After a second watching I can say The Haunting of Bly Manor truly is an amazing show.”


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