Wife of Goggleboxs Pete McGarry says he was my life after his sudden cancer death – The Mirror

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The heartbroken wife of Gogglebox star Pete McGarry has described her husband as “my life” after his sudden bowel cancer death.

The 71-year-old had only discovered his diagnosis days before he passed away and wife Linda has admitted that her son has been left “really cut up” by the news.

She revealed that Pete had lost an amazing six stone in weight prior to his diagnosis and told how he had been given six months to live following an operation to remove a tumour.

However, he tragically died just days later.

Fans were left shocked by the devastating news over the weekend that the loveable star had passed away at home in Essex.

Linda and Pete had become household names after appearing on Channel 4’s popular show Gogglebox alongside Linda’s son, George.

Gogglebox’s Pete and Lynne McGarry with their son George Gilbey
Gogglebox’s Pete and Lynne McGarry with their son George Gilbey
(Image: Channel 4 screengrab)

Speaking to The Sun, Linda said: “Pete was a lovely man and I was so lucky to have him for 25 years.

“I said to him, ‘We’ve not only been 25 years, it’s been day and night with each other.’ He was my life.”

She revealed a sweet message she had received from a fan who said “Ordinary people won’t be remembered, but we’ll remember Pete forever – like the pyramids”.

She called the message “beautiful”.

Linda went on to describe the close bond her son George had with her husband and described the anguish her son was feeling.

“Him and George really loved each other, George is really cut up.”

Linda explained how her husband had started out as a shy person but grew to love the limelight that came with filming the show.

And she confessed that his banter was the same in real life as it was on screen.

“He was always taking the mickey out of me on the show,” she admitted. “And he was like that to the end.

Linda and Pete McGary Gogglebox
Linda said Pete’s banter was the same both on and off Gogglebox
(Image: James Shaw/REX/Shutterstock)

“When he was really ill I asked him if he wanted me to sing to him and he wailed ‘Nooooo’.”

Before appearing on Gogglebox, the loving pair had fostered over 100 children and Linda said that she’d received heartfelt support from many of them following Pete’s passing.

The couple never had children together, but Linda said many of the children were like kids of their own.

Separately, Linda has two grown up boys while Pete had two daughters with his first with Sue, who passed away.

Linda admitted that all the kids were very close as an extended family.


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